VAVA VA-EB008 Milk Frother Product Review

vava milk frother review

The VAVA Milk Frother is one of hottest selling frothers available on Amazon. Arriving on the market in 2016, this product has quickly established itself as the go-to model for entry-level coffee aficionado’s; having received nearly 700 reviews, averaging an overall rating of 4.5 stars!

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Review in Summary

This particular model, (VA-EB008), is currently a slightly outdated model behind the VA-EE013 (that I’ve review previously). But that doesn’t mean it’s anything short of an excellent milk frother that delivers on what it promises.

Out of the box, you will receive the power base, the metal container and 4 whisks of 2 variations. One variation is ideal for heating your milk and creating a small layer of froth, whereas the other variation will be your go-to whisk for creating large volumes of milk-based bubbles! It also comes with a handy User Guide that covers some of the tips on getting the most out of your frother.

Standing no taller than a pint glass, it sits neatly in the corner of my kitchen without standing out. With a quality satin finish, it suits the modern aesthetic of my kitchen (unlike other products, which I prefer to store away in my cupboard) while proving a tidy addition to my makeshift espresso station. It consistently delivers the same frothiness at the same temperature every time.

It does a lot right, and I certainly feel as though I have received value for my money. But there are a few negatives that are worth mentioning.

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Pros and Cons

Let’s start by addressing the problem. It’s not exclusive to this product, as I have experienced it with other electrical milk frothers, but it might prove to be an issue for some people.

The feature which heats your milk has the tendency to over-cook the milk that comes in contact with the base of the container and will leave a sticky white residue that will require a quick scrub or wipe down with a tissue after use. This is a problem that exists with a number of similar products and it is generally seen as something that comes with part of the parcel of using heated milk frothers.

On the subject of cleaning, it is also worth noting that this product is not dishwasher friendly! It’s easy to clean with a quick rinse anyway, but it does mean a manual clean after each use. But this ties into one of my favourite positives about the product; you can use it to mix cold milk. This is a common function, but if you’re not heating your milk, you won’t experience the sticky residue. Meaning cleaning is as simple as a quick wash under the tap.

As for its cold milk mixing capabilities, it is as good as any product I’ve used. I used full-fat milk for cappuccinos which delivered the heavy, thick texture that you would expect. But I also used low-fat milk to create a lighter froth which mixed easier with most beverages.

All of which ties nicely into the speed at which the VAVA will froth your milk. It’s a very quick process that will generally be complete in under 2 minutes. It works quietly as you prepare the rest of your kitchen products needed to make the particular beverage for that moment. This also happens to be one of my favourite features!

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Best Features

It’s surprisingly quiet! This is a feature that they brag about on their product page, but it really does hold up. My job requires me to wake up at 5 in the morning, which means that I take extra caution to not wake my wife and daughter. Well, I think the fact that neither of them has ever complained about the noise I make in the kitchen as I go about my morning routine is a pretty good testament to the fact!

Speaking of the wife, she thinks that it’s also worth pointing out that she used non-dairy milk when she used the VAVA and the outcome was spectacular. As a vegan, she would use Oat milk or Almond milk to make her brews and the consistency came out close to how my low-fat milk frothed. So if you’re into different variations of milk, you should be happy with how well this product will make it light and fluffy!

Finally, a quick mention to the whisks that they provide. It’s a nice gesture to include an additional set in the event that one might get lost or damaged. The whisk with thicker coils is the one to use for mass amounts of froth whereas the thinner whisk is used for heating. One of my favourite ‘features’ is that it even comes with a handy little clip on the lid that allows you to store the spare whisk while it is not in use!

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I think that there is one final element that bears mentioning. This is VAVA’s customer service. When I was analysing this product to gauge whether it was worth producing a product review, I noticed a lot of people comment towards how helpful VAVA were. Some of them felt that their products were faulty or underperforming, which they took care of. I also recall someone mentioning that their product failed after a few months of use and they sent them a replacement! I think it’s always nice to know whether the brand in question holds the values of taking care of their customers and it’s something I always look out for.


To wrap up this product, I am honestly pretty impressed! On the whole it’s a great looking product that has delivered consistent results every time I have used it. It’s quiet, sleek, and the frothed milk tastes delicious every time. Great value for money and a product I wholeheartedly recommend!

If you’re looking for a new milk frother, then you could do a whole lot worse than this one!

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