SGCoffee Coffee Frother Product Review

sgcoffee frother review

Today’s article is all about the week I sampled this interesting little milk frother from SGCoffee. Landing on Amazon in late 2017, it has quickly developed a reputation for being a powerful milk frother at an exceptional value. I was eager to see just how well it lived up to all of the stunning reviews it was receiving (nearly 400 reviews, with a 4.5 average) and so I had one delivered straight to my home!

Product Overview

This milk frother, although it is commonly referred to as a wand, is of the model number (696221886211) and arrived almost ready to use straight out of the box. You have the base of the wand, where all the magic happens, and 2 detached whisks. All I needed to do was slide the whisk into the base and it was nearly ready to go.

First, I had to text the missus to pick me up a pack of AA batteries. Which is a bit of a rare message to send these days, but it wasn’t a huge inconvenience. Upon her arrival, I popped them in and gave it a test drive. I’ll get to what happened soon…

This wand is slim, sleek and powerful. Deceptively powerful, given its size. The ergonomics are very well considered and it’s very comfortable to use. It’s small enough to store in my drawer, next to all of my cutlery, and is ready to froth my drinks in a moments notice. Within ten seconds, it delivers a brilliantly frothed drink that’s comparable to manual and electrical frothers! There’s a lot of positives to get through!

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Pros & Cons

In summary, the most standout Pros and Cons of this frother is as follows:


Powerful Whisk

Can be used with most containers

Really Easy to Clean


Battery Powered

No Speed Control Settings


I want to start with a negative. If you could even consider it that. It’s just about the only negative I can even think of! Once I loaded the battery into the base, I grabbed a cup and filled it with some milk. Let’s just say that ten seconds later, the kitchen was filled with milk!

This device is seriously that strong! I completely underestimated its power and as a result, I had to pay the price of disapproval and a kitchen cleanup. Another way of putting it; there’s a small learning curve when it comes to getting the most out of this milk frother.

The trick, I learned, is to place the whisk really close to the base of your cup, but without touching it directly. You want to leave what feels like a centimetre and then turn the whisk on. That distance allows for a deep mixing of the liquid which provides sufficient air circulation to really mix up your drink! The results? Like I said – perfectly frothed milk! So learn from my lesson. Don’t underestimate its speed!

Speaking of cleaning, it’s very simple. Just grab a tall glass, fill it with some hot water, and leave it to stand for a little. Or just run it under the tap if you’re feeling a bit lazy (I might be guilty of that…)

I even tried mixing some of my wife’s non-dairy milk again. Particularly because they boast it’s the ‘best soya milk mixer’ in their title on Amazon. Quite a claim. But honestly, it passes the test. I mean, this thing rotates so fast that it probably could froth ice cream. Which isn’t a bad shout as I used it to mix up a couple of milkshakes for my daughter and I and it tasted perfect. Light, foamy bubbles at the top and a well-mixed milkshake at the bottom. Perfect combination, if you want my opinion!

I did quickly identify another negative, however. Given how small and petite it is, I didn’t really have a problem with leaving it out in my kitchen. But that’s the problem. I could only do that if I left it lying around on its side. I would have appreciated a ‘flat head’ for the plastic base so that I could stand it up on its side. Unfortunately, I resided to just leaving it in my drawer. Not a big deal but still, would have been nice.

Honestly, that’s all the negatives I have to say. I am honestly very pleased with this frother and it was so cheap too! I can keep waxing lyrical about it – and I will!

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Best Features

Hands down, the best feature is simply its speed. Frothed milk as quickly as you might ordinarily stir your drink with a spoon. I half considered just giving away all of my teaspoons… but sometimes you don’t need all that power, and I certainly couldn’t use during my early mornings as I prepare for work incognito.

But it’s as simple as picking it up, dipping it into your drink, running for about 10 seconds and then running it under a tap. It doesn’t even matter if I’m preparing cold drinks or hot. It tackles both with the same ease and consistency. It’s easy to use, clean and delivers fantastic results. It does exactly what you need and there are few compromises.

Any other Business

Like always, I want to bring to light how the company behind this product seem to take a genuine interest in the needs of the customers. I caught reviews where some people had a faulty product (where the whisk wouldn’t hold within the base of the wand) and they sent them out a new one. They also include an additional whisk with every package, meaning we don’t even need to come back to them any time soon to replace what might be a damaged whisk. As I said, this is something I look out for and it’s something I respect.


There’s not too much left to say. I think it’s great value for money, does a great job at frothing my milk, is small and compact and can be stored away anywhere. Perhaps it might come to be that in the future, I might think of some limitations, but for now, I am only full of praise.

If you’re wondering, the results are quite on par with your standard electrical milk frother, but the compromises are honestly out weighed by the positives this product brings to the table.

I think if you’re considering branching out into the milk frothing world, this is the perfect place to start!

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