Sage Oracle Review – The Father of all Coffee Machines?

Sage Oracle Review

The Oracle is a super modern take on the classic espresso machine. This Sage Oracle Review will highlight some of it’s many key features making it one of the greatest but also expensive coffee machines to date. Check out where it ranked in our Top 10 Coffee Machine List.

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Sage Oracle Review – 4.5/5 Star Coffee Machine

I’m quite a fan of using the term, super modern and space age however this takes the throne of a super modern and space age coffee machine. Most coffee machines are customisable, however the Oracle takes it one step further. To say this machine is customisable doesn’t do it justice, it isn’t just customisable it’s down right moldable. It’s like a piece of coffee making genius putty that you can shape in any way desirable.

Price – Its a lot

Sage Oracle Review

I’ve already said a lot about this coffee machine and quite rightly I can it’s an incredible piece of kit. It is as good as it claims to be, at a cost of course, a really significant cost. Price is always a factor when you consider a coffee machine and I always like to view the price as an investment. Each coffee you make yourself and not one you buy out you save money, it usually takes at most a year to pay off your machine.

The Oracle on the other hand, we’re looking at 2.5 to 3 years to pay it off. It’s almost triple the price of some mid priced machines but also provide triple the features and craftsmanship. This coffee machine can’t be seen as an investment, it’s a show stopper and a pure vanity piece for your kitchen.


Manual or Automatic Frothing

Unlike its little brother, the Barista Express, the Oracle has the option for automatic milk frothing. It still comes from the same frothing arm but uses heat as a guide to measure when your milk is ready for a latte or cappuccino. Simply put the arm in the jug of milk and it does the rest. There is still of course a manual option if you feel like being the barista for the day!

Dual Boiler – Brew and steam at same time

A feature that only increases the efficiency of your machine. Most machines have the single boiler that is used for the steam and heating the water. Only one can be in use at a time. No doubt having two boilers, one for your brew head and the other for the frother is highly advantageous.

Ultra Precise Brew Temperature

Brewing temperature is another slice of the coffee experience and customisation. The level of heat changes the taste of your ground coffee with a cooler temperature providing a softer flavour and a hot temperature giving a stronger a bitter taste. The Oracle allows you set the temperature of the water by the degree giving you a huge variance of choice to your coffee.

Customise Pre-Infusion

Sage Oracle ReviewPre-infusion is something not all machines have. If it is incorporated you’re limited by what it can do. Sometimes the machine just automatically does it, you have no control over time or heat of the infusion. Some machines only give you a limited number of options which is usually the amount of time the coffee infuses.

The Oracle is like a Swiss army knife of coffee machines. In a similar fashion to how you customise your brewing temperatures you can do the same with the pre-infusion. Adjust to the second how long the immersion happens, on top of that adjust to the degree how hot it should be.

Customise Grind Coarseness – 40 Settings

You’re reading that right, 40 grind settings. Options like these are the ones that show where your money is going. Usually coffee machines have upwards of 13 grind settings and each settings adds a different flavour and density to your coffee. Try and imagine 40 subtle variants to your favourite coffee bean, each one tasting slightly different each time. You’ll be bouncing off the walls once you’ve figured out which setting you prefer.

Automatic Tamping

Tamping is compressing the ground coffee into the portafilter before placing in the brew head. Tamping allows the water to pass through the ground coffee evenly making sure you’re getting the most out of your brew. This feature happens after you place the portafilter under the coffee grinder. When the grind has finished it tamps and sweeps giving you a professionally set up porta.

One Touch Americano

After your ground beans are in the brew head you can select this feature that adds hot water from a separate valve. The amount of water is customisable and you can use this feature to make a coffee for multiple people at once.

Energy Efficiency

I’m a huge fan of energy efficient coffee machines as ones without this feature really do cost a lot on the electricity bill. The Oracle has a standby mode and programmable auto shut down. Even more handy is it has a start-up feature where it turns itself on for you in the morning. Not only is this slightly creepy, knowing your coffee machine is waiting for you. This allows you to make a coffee straight away without waiting for it to turn on or come out of standby mode.

Built in Water Filter

Not only does the Oracle has a massive 2.5 litre water tank, it also filters the water for you too. Filtering the water before the machine uses to make coffee is a proven way of increasing the longevity and health of your machine. Coffee machines biggest killer is the build up of limescale which comes from unfiltered and or hard tap water. Usually we filter water separately to then add to a coffee machine fortunately the Oracle makes things even easier and does this for you.

Cup Warming

Placing the cups on top of the machine in the designated heat mat will keep them warm. You pre-heat cups before your coffee to prolong the heat and aroma of the drink, a simple yet handy feature.

Cons – Yes there is a downside

Sage are concentrating on giving their customers a worthy barista experience. But I think moving the ground beans to the brew head shouldn’t still be a manual task. Some people will love this but I personally think coffee machines should still be an automatic experience from start to finish rather than a barista type one.


From its precise brewing temperatures through to a simple cup warming feature the Oracle literally has it all. It’s only let down is that it’s catered to one side of the coffee market. Had this been a fully automatic machine I think it would retain it’s place among the best over coffee machines for a very long time. With that said, you can’t hate this machine. It really is one of the greats and if you can muster up the courage to buy it I’m sure it will not disappoint. I hope this Sage Oracle review has been useful, please do let me know if you have any questions.

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