Sage the Barista Express Review

Sage the Barista Express Review

he Barista Express by Sage is probably one of the most show stopping coffee machines you can have in your kitchen. This Sage the Barista Express review will dive into it’s features, details and what makes it one of the most engaging coffee machines to date. Not technically a bean to cup coffee machine but the Barista Express is ranked on our Top 10 list, click here to find out where it placed.

Sage the Barista Express Review 2017/18

Sage the Barista Express ReviewThis sage is like having a mini cafe in your kitchen, it’s like an authentic coffee machine but condensed into a much smaller size. So with that said, you should have some expectations on how it works.

The Barista Express isn’t a one button press coffee machine, you have to recreate the cafe experience in your kitchen. It comes with a built in coffee grinder, this is activated when you push the brew head (the device that collects the coffee) into the feeder below. Once your coffee is ground, use the coffee press to compress the ground coffee in the brew head and attach under the water system. You can now press the espresso, double espresso or tall coffee buttons depending on the type you want.

If you’re looking for a coffee machine that recreates the cafe experience, as the name suggests, you found the one.

Value for Money

My price comparisons are usually for bean to cup coffee machines, this one is a little different as it’s a straight coffee machine. Bean to cup machines are all about speed, simplicity, noise and build quality. On the other hand this machine is about the cafe experience and it certainly does not disappoint.

As a direct price comparison to other coffee machines the Barista Express is considered a mid-range machine. This mean it can set you back by a few hundred. With that said you’re buying a machine that creates the cafe style quality coffee from an equally excellent cafe style machine, it’s more than worth the investment.


The Cafe Experience

Not many coffee machines recreate the all important cafe experience as well as the Barista Express. This only adds to it’s all round charm and creates a centre piece in your kitchen that excitement, interest and conversation can be built around.

Built in Coffee Grinder

The Barista Express comes with a coffee grinder with multiple grind settings. This is located on the top of the machine. The grind adjustment is within the bean compartment. Adjusting your coffee grind is an excellent addition to have as bean grind is a personal endeavour. People prefer different strengths and flavours of coffee and each bean gives a different aroma depending on how its ground. The adjustments mean you can customise the bean to your taste pallet.

Low Pressure Pre-Infusion

Pre-infusion is a nice little touch for this already, all round great machine. Pre-infusion is when you gently soak the ground coffee, this only adds to the flavour and aroma which no doubt benefits the whole experience.

Milk Frother

This Sage comes with a milk frother or steamer as they’re sometimes called. This device is essential to making your most loved milk based coffees from cappuccinos to lattes. This again is a manual task, however it builds pressure within a few seconds and heats or froths the milk with ease.

Stainless Steel Build Quality

Coffee machines should the be centre piece of your kitchen and for any avid coffee fan looks are very important. The Barista Express does not disappoint in the vanity department and has one of the best designs I’ve seen. To top the design quality, this coffee machine is made from stainless steel – how authentic can you get?


First of all I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for over 15 years, since my teens and as a result I know a thing or two! The one thing I love about coffee is it’s simplicity. Sometimes I feel that even with the authentic “barista experience” you get with this machine it’s also it’s downfall.

When are we likely to drink coffee? I know most of us drink it in the morning. I barely function first thing in the morning and to recreate the “barista experience” straight out of bed is somewhat daunting. I’m likely to just make an instant coffee which is a shame after spending several hundred on this machine.

You need to be absolutely sure that this type of machine is the one for you. If there are any doubts I would highly suggest a bean to cup coffee machine.


I hope you’ve found this Sage the Barista Express review helpful.

I said this machine is one of the most engaging coffee machines you can get, which is totally right. Sage have recreated the coffee machine experience perfectly and built a machine looks amazing. Unfortunately its strengths are also it’s weaknesses because your coffee isn’t an instant process. To recreate the “barista experience” each and every time you make a coffee can become exhausting, especially if you have more than one cup to make.

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