Melitta Look IV Therm Timer Review – September 2018

Melitta Look IV therm review

Melitta is a well-recognised brand in the coffee appliance market so we should expect some good things from their Filter Coffee Machine. Whilst comparatively expensive to other machines you get some serious bang for your sterling.

Melitta Look IV Overview

Melitta Look IV therm

The mean feature of the Melitta Look IV is of course, the Therm Timer. Say if you wake up at 8.00 in the morning every day, you can configure the machine to brew the coffee every morning at that time. This way you can be woken up by the aroma of your favorite beverage instead of some annoying alarm, sounds great right?


  1. Water storage for 15 cups
  2. Keeps coffee hot for 2 hours
  3. Built in descaling programme
  4. It has an auto-off feature.
  5. Eye-catching Sophisticated Design
  6. Patented Flavor Selector!


  1. The cup measurement is a bit small.
  2. Not totally user friendly

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As I said briefly, you get some serious bang for your sterling. Below are some of my favourite features that come with this beautiful piece of coffee machinery:

Built in Self-Timer

The coffee maker has a timer that helps the user to decide when they would want the coffee served. With this timer, you can practically leave the machine to wake you up every morning with a great aroma of coffee.

It can be a great way to wake up instead of the conventional alarm method which to most people is quite annoying. This timer is also important in such a manner that when you are busy and still need to prepare coffee, the machine would do it for you.

Patented Flavor Selector!

Melitta has a patent on the flavor selector. This feature allows the user to adjust the intensity of the coffee just by the use of a button. This feature determines whether you would be served a mild or strong coffee. Not everyone would want strong coffee and again not every time one would want to drink strong coffee.

For instance at night or in the evening, mild coffee would do since it isn’t much you will be doing at night except sleeping. There are however some exceptions when you would be staying up all night, and thus you would need to adjust the button to strong coffee.

It enables the user to put the machine on or off at any given time, even at night when there isn’t much light.

Insulated Shockproof Pot

This machine comes with an insulated pot that is shockproof and unbreakable. The pot is made up of a double-walled stainless steel material which prevents it from falling apart during impact.

The pot also has a brew through lid which allows the coffee to get in after being brewed in the machine. It also has an insulated handle which gives the user an easy time when carrying it for serving.

Built in descaling programme

The coffee maker offers a convenient descaling programme with a 3 in 1 limescale protection.

It comes with digital time display. This feature allows the user to know the time and also to programme the timer according to their needs.

Benefits of the product

This coffee maker has a wide range of benefits as compared to other coffee makers in the market. The following are some of the benefits it has:

Electricity Saver: Instead of using a warm plate for keeping the coffee hot after brewing, the coffee maker has an insulated pot that does this for up to 2 hours after brewing. The warm plate that has been in use by most machines uses electricity, unlike the detachable insulated pot.

Durable: The machine and its components have been made with high-quality materials that assure its durability.

Replace Your Alarm In The Morning: The timer feature on the coffee maker allows one to set up the time at which he or she would need the coffee served, and this can be a great way to wake up in the morning.

Help to Choose the Coffee Type Easily: The aroma selector and flavor selector allow the user to choose between strong and mild coffee at any given time.

Completely Quiet: The fact that the coffee maker is quiet is advantageous for a family especially with kids.

Customers’ Comments

We can see different types of comments from the customers. Most of them think that this coffee maker makes good coffee and keeps it warm for a long time. The auto-off feature is also a great plus since you tend to forget to turn it off at times.

I have been using this coffee machine for a long time. I also love the fact that you can change the strength of your coffee by choosing between strong and mild coffee.  I appreciate that it does a perfect job. Moreover, the machine is quiet and easy to clean up. Its design is modern and blends well in addition to it making great coffee.

 As you have seen, this product has earned great feedback from its customers who are a great indicator of quality. So it is highly recommended.

Bottom Line

Melitta Look Therm Timer is generally a great coffee machine. With its encouraging customer appraisals and awesome features, you can consider purchasing it over its rivals. The benefits that it brings to the table are just immense. So far so good with this machine, the design is impressive, and it makes really good coffee.

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