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Melitta Caffeo Solo Review

The Caffeo Solo by Melitta is possibly one of the greatest low-priced espresso machines to date. This Melitta Caffeo Solo Review will go into the details that back this statement up. Take a look at our Top 10 bean to coffee machine list and see where the Caffeo Solo ranked!

Melitta Caffeo Solo Review

Melitta Caffeo Solo ReviewFrom its futuristic design to energy efficient features this coffee machine is highly regarded among enthusiasts. There isn’t a kitchen where this machine looks out of place and can fit in most. It’s compact body can effortlessly squeeze in most available spaces in your kitchen which is sometimes a problem for other coffee machines.

With out a doubt this machine is screaming bachelor suited for one perfectly. This machine is designed for a single professional in mind due to its efficiency, build quality, size, simplicity and style. The Caffeo Solo is less about the cafe-style experience and certainly more about the coffee.

As I already touched upon, this machine is an espresso machine however there are two versions one with a steam arm and one without. If you are after one with a built in steam, be sure you select the right model when purchasing!


The Caffeo Solo certantly provides value for money. Boasting a stainless steel compact design, simple functions, auto cleaning and even several colours to choose from; without a doubt your money is well invested. As with all coffee machines even with a low-priced one it can still cost a couple hundred. What’s special about this machine compared to the rest is that it’s ultra customisable and can even compete against some of the more expensive models in terms of features. It’s perfect if you’re not planning on parting any more than 400.


Super Compact Design

At only 45 x 20 x 32 cm its easily one of the smaller coffee machines you’ll find. Most coffee machines are robust and clunky, after all people buy them for the cafe experience. On the other hand the Caffeo Solo is all about the coffee and less about the experience of making it. This is probably one of the reasons I personally favour espresso machines over ones such as the Sage Barista Express, I like drinking it, not making it.

Adjustable Steel Grinder

The grinder is made from one of the most sturdy materials, steel. With this design you can be sure your beans are ground with accuracy. With in the grinder you have three settings to change the coarseness of the grind. Each level changes the flavour from light and creamy all the way to dark and intense.

Three Brew Temperatures

The Caffeo Solo comes with three brew temperatures which only adds to the dynamic of your coffee. Each temperature creates a subtle flavour and aroma in the ground bean which adds more depth to your favourite bean.

Adjustable Espresso Strength

There are three strength options for your espresso. If changing the temperature to create new and exciting flavours wasn’t enough then adding different strength options is simply caffeine overload!

Two Cup Feature

Most coffee machines these days are single cup machines. This means it can only make one cup of coffee at a time. Fortunately for the Caffeo Solo you can make two cups of espresso at once so your friend or significant other isn’t left hanging around for their caffeine fix.

Self Cleaning

An extremely important feature to have. Usually reserved for mid-priced and premium machines the self cleaning features of the Caffeo Solo certainly provides you with value for money. Self cleaning is important to keep the health and improve the longevity of your coffee machine.

It works in similar ways to other machines. Place some kind of descaler in the water tank, fill the rest with water and hit the Self Cleaning button. The coffee machine will then start the cycle of pushing hot water, and descaler, through the machine removing limescale. Limescale is one of the main reasons coffee machines break and when the build up inside becomes bad you might as well way good by to your machine.

Having a Self Cleaning function prevents this from happening and you can keep your machine for much longer.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a hot topic currently for various kitchen and house appliances. Coffee machines that are not energy efficient can cost the home owner the same as leaving a TV on during the day. Overtime this becomes very expensive. The Caffeo Solo has a standby mode which, you guess it, puts the machine in standby when not in use.

Other than saving you money the other benefit to having an energy efficient machine is it’s much faster at making you a coffee. With non-energy efficient machines you turn them off when not in use, when you turn them on again they have to boot which takes time. If a coffee machine is in standby there is only a few seconds of waiting before it’s making you a coffee.


The Caffeo Solo is an excellent machine for both single professionals and couples a like. Its simple and space age design is more than appealing compared to some of its counter parts which makes it fit in almost every home. Aside from the looks the Caffeo Solo is an extremely functional machine with several options to personally customise your espresso and a self cleaning function. To top things off this machine is energy efficient which is an excellent economical quality to have which is usually reserved for only mid to high priced machines.

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