Jura ENA Micro Review – The Best Ever Single Espresso Machine?

Jura ENA Micro Review man drinking

In this Jura ENA Micro Review we decipher why the Jura is possibly one of the best espresso machines on the current market.

Jura ENA Micro Review man drinkingWith this speciality in mind this coffee machine isn’t for everyone. If you want a machine that can make lattes or cappuccinos I would highly recommend reading our Top 10 list bean to cup coffee machine list for more options.

If you find this coffee machine isn’t for you, take a look at my favourite – De’longhi ECAMM44.660.b Eletta

Jura ENA Micro Review

Who is this machine for?

The Jura is designed exclusively for a single professional or couple who love espresso. There are three espresso types; Ristretto which is the concentrated form and super strong. The double Espresso as standard and a Lungo which doubles up as a typical black coffee.

This means if you’re after a milk based coffee machine with a steamer – Stay clear. Also large families or house holds need not apply. While the Jura is an excellent espresso machine, It’s confined to being just that. The machine has a small 1.1 litre water tank which will easily get consumed in busy house holds. This just creates more hassle in larger families.


The Jura is a mid-high priced coffee machine which will understandably be beyond the budget for most. However its features and overall build quality will more than make up for this down fall.

I have to mention that coffee machines are an investment and you’re buying one for the attractiveness and convenience they bring. If you were to use your coffee machine rather than go to cafes, with in a year you make your money back.

To add to that not only are you saving money, but you are also getting those cafe-style and quality espressos from your own kitchen!



Speed in coffee machines is also a real selling point. Coffee machines should be an automatic no hassle journey from bean to cup. When you have a slow machine it’s sometimes a little disappointing to have to wait a while for your coffee.

With the Jura it spits out your coffee with in a few seconds of pressing that button. I’m sure I could have thought of a better word to describe this process but it really does.

The Jura elegantly pushes a silky smooth stream of freshly ground coffee through it’s spout.

Maybe that’s a little better.

Super Compact Swiss Design

Sitting at 23 x 32 x 44 cm it’s one of the smallest machines you can buy. Most coffee machines are quite large and, at least in my kitchen, I struggle with space! Fortunately for the Jura it can fit in almost every kitchen.

Looks shouldn’t matter, but when you’re spending nearly a grand on a coffee machine you can be as picky as you want. The Jura is one of the most elegant coffee machines I have ever set my eyes on. With a sleek black design throughout, subtle stainless steel finishes and a space aged LED display. This coffee machine can easily take centre stage in your kitchen.

Self Rinsing

The Jura has a handy little feature that keeps the freshness of your coffee each time you use the machine. Before you use the Jura, it heats a small amount of water and runs it through the system. In doing so it removes any old coffee residue from the machine makes a nice clean runway for you next coffee.

The beauty of this feature is that it’s slightly overlooked in other machines, some don’t have it at all! I can’t think of there being nothing worse than waking up in the morning, pressing “on” and my coffee machine giving me yesterdays stale drink.

A quick rinse through before you use the machine increased the freshness and health of your cup.

Built in Water Filter

Another nifty little feature. Again, not all coffee machines have a water filter which is surprising considering it increases the longevity of your machine.

The Jura has yet another time saving, convenience inducing design feature that is it’s built in water filter.

This helps you in three main ways; One, you don’t have to do this separably and fill you coffee machine with the filtered water. Two, you increase the life of your coffee machine as it doesn’t slowly die due to a build up of limescale. Three, you increase the freshness of your coffee.

Who would have thought a water filter was such a good idea?

Personalise the Coarseness

Adjustable Spout

Simple yet effective. We all have different size cups and I can’t imagine something so frustrating and infuriating than spending hundreds on a machine and your mug can’t find under it.

Beans or Ground Coffee

Having a coffee machine that does both is a real bonus. Sometimes you run out of beans or sometimes you run out of ground coffee. The Jura can use both so you don’t need to stress out if you can’t have your first coffee of the day – The Jura has you covered.

On the top on the left of the machine is a little lid, lift this up and you will have access to the funnel which you put your ground coffee in.


I would be a fraud if I did not have this in there. Unfortunately there is a downside to all of the Jura’s amazingness!

Firstly, this is a bean to cup espresso machine! I can’t make it down for not doing milk based coffees and I certainly won’t mark it down not for having a steamer.

As a theme in most of my reviews you expect a certain quality when you spend several hundred pounds on a coffee machine. There should not be any reason why it should be made out of plastic.

I reviewed another coffee machine earlier in the week and I called it cheap looking because of it’s plastic build. The Jura is certainly not cheap looking and is designed flawlessly, it’s a just shame the body is in plastic.


The Jura is a niche coffee machine and catering to those who’s drink of choice is espresso. This has resulted in a finely, precisely crafted coffee machine that produces coffees at some of the fastest speeds yet.

We do have to marvel in its splendor. It doesn’t look cumbersome trying to have loads of features that you’re probably not going to use. What have is precise design for one purpose, espressos.

If you can overlook the plastic exterior this coffee machine has literally hit the nail on the head.

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