Homgeek Milk Frother Product Review

homgeek milk frother review

The Homgeek Milk Frother is a relatively new product to the Amazon market (March 2018) but already well reviewed! As my journey continued to test and review a number of milk frothers, I decided to pick this model up as something like a wildcard. 19 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars, I was anticipating a pretty solid milk frother – here’s how we got on!

Product Overview

When I first pulled this frother out of the box, it was actually a little bigger than I anticipated. It stands, stainless less and a midnight black, at 18cm tall. If you’re using it to just heat milk, you can fill it up to 300ml, but if you’re planning on frothing the milk, then you can only fill 150ml in order to prevent it from overflowing. This is honestly more than enough and over the week trial, would easily produce enough frothed or heated milk for multiple servings.

As is the standard, opening your packaging will give you the main flask for mixing, a power base, a whisk for frothing and one for heating. As you can see from the design in the attached image, it doesn’t look all that bad! It doesn’t really suit the design of my kitchen (as well as a clean, metallic finish might) but that’s not really a criticism to be made against it. On the whole, it’s a simple, nothing fancy design that feels like quality to use.

It comes with a feature they call ‘Strix Temperature Control’ which controls the temperature of your milk by turning off once it hits the desired temperature. It also comes with a double-walled internal casing, which helps reduce the noise level and helps retain heat.

The quality comes through in the materials used. The stainless steel gives it some weight, while the handle feels very secure and makes it easy to pour. I’ll go into more about this and how it affects the quality of the drinks produced soon, but for now, let’s cover some of the negatives.

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Pros & Cons


 Ridiculously User Friendly

Heats up very quickly

Really Easy to Clean



homgeek milk frother pro conI found it hard to really find anything to nitpick! My criticism then is something which is a problem shared with most electrical milk frothers, but even then, it’s actually on the better end of the spectrum!


I am of course talking about the war against overcooked milk that sits at the base of the frother after heating milk. I understand that it’s not really something that you can prevent unless you’re using another, but it happens nonetheless.  It just means having to do a little extra cleanup after using it. What might be as simple as a quick swill under the tap turns into a whip with a tissue. I know – it’s a hard life.

But then, I think that’s exactly where their added temperature control feature comes into play. Milk will be heated to 65+/-5℃ which is, at least for me, the perfect drinking temperature. More on that soon. This temperature control feature, I believe, goes a long way to reducing the number of times the milk will spoil at the base of the frother. It doesn’t happen every time – which in itself is something worth praising as so many models within this price range struggle with this!

Superior Consistency

Moving onto the positives, I have to say that so far, this product has set the bar high for taste and consistency! I think the easiest way for me to provide you with a comparison is to say that my drinks turn out just like the hot beverages I order from the high street. Perhaps this is down to the consistency with the temperature, or how well it mixes the contents (sometimes we would use it to directly mix a hot chocolate) but it just tastes so good!

It doesn’t stop there either. It’s pretty quick! Quicker than some other frothers we have reviewed in fact. Generally, it’s ready to go within 1 minute of being on. The length of time these machines take isn’t really much concern for me. I’m prepared to wait for a certain quality when mixing a drink or producing frothed milk. But it’s a nice little benefit that allows me to better plan my drink making process (as my other kitchen products tend to take a while anyway). I often set up the frother first and then start the rest of the process.

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Best Features

So this is something I have already touched upon in this review and the best feature for other milk frothers. But for me, the best features start with the overall build quality. It’s strong, feels great in your hand and is easy to pour with. Internally, it’s constructed with a double-walled layer. This has provided 2 benefits for me to note.

The first is that it’s virtually silent. Which is a point I have brought  to light before. Having to get up really early in the morning, I am conscious to not make too much noise. Well, this machine means that I didn’t need to compromise my morning routine without the taste of my favourite coffee. I can’t really ask for much more than that.

Finally, it does a good job of keeping your milk warm! Sometimes I would leave it in the container for a little while and come back to it after about 10/15 minutes. So I suppose if you’re easily distracted, you’re unlikely to end up wasting a lot of milk!


I am pleasantly surprised with this product. I purchased it knowingly taking a small risk given the small pool of reviews. Though it has set a new standard for great tasting milky beverages that rival high street suppliers. It’s worthy of paying an additional fee to bring home that little extra quality which you may otherwise compromise on. Five stars from me!

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