Homgeek Coffee Maker Filter Coffee Machine Review – September 2018

homgeek coffee maker

We all love a good cup of coffee in the morning. What makes that cup even better is when someone, or something makes it for you! I would like to introduce you to my newest kitchen toy, the Homgeek coffee maker!

Homgeek Coffee Maker Overview

Homgreek coffee maker is one of the best you can find on the market nowadays at such a budget-friendly price. It has a very modern design and useful features so you can make the most out of it. This device is a combination of grey and lack which makes it match with any background.

You can use it at home, in your kitchen or at your office. This coffee maker combines the classic filter technology with the newest features so you can enjoy the best coffee every morning. And it is made to last for a long time so most likely; you will not have to replace it anytime soon.

homgeek coffee maker review


  1. Affordable
  2. Compact Ergonomic Design
  3. Easy to clean and maintain
  4. It works with or without paper filters, according to your preferences


  1. 1.5 Litres isn’t enough for some
  2. Noisy during some brew cycles

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The Most Important Features

Warming Coffee Plate

This is a durable coffee maker, in spite of its light weight. And your coffee stays warm for an extra 30 minutes once you turn this coffee maker off, thanks to the warming plate it comes with.

Programmable Timer

A great feature of this device is the fact that you can program it easily. It comes with a timer as well as a clock so you can decide when you want your coffee to be ready for you.

The programmable feature can be controlled through 3 set the time buttons and the LCD screen that is incorporated. The LCD screen is easy to read as well so you will have no problem setting this coffee makes up for your needs and preferences.

Reusable Mesh Filter

The mesh filter is reusable so that you can enjoy it more than once. And you can add paper filters to it or not, since this coffee maker allows you to make a choice. All parts of the Homgeek coffee maker are removable and washable so you can clean it easily and maintain it properly.

Full Refund offered by the Manufacturer

Inside the package you will also find a coffee measuring scoop and a coffee carafe, both items will be very useful every time you enjoy this device. Plus, if for some reason you are not satisfied with this product, the manufacturer offers you a full refund or replacement depending on the case!

Benefits of the Homgeek Coffee Maker

There are a variety of benefits for using this coffee maker and if you are not sure what are these, here’s just a few of them!

Save Your Time: This device will make your coffee in time. It is easy to set up so your coffee will be warm every day just at the right time. It is a fantastic machine to save your time and energy. Moreover, it is perfect for any coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Your Coffee Will Always Taste Great: This coffee maker is meant to give you a great result every time you use it. You know exactly how your coffee is going to taste and you can decide that based on your preferences.

It Saves You From Wasting Coffee: If you love coffee, you don’t want to waste it. You want to use all of it and enjoy its flavor to its highest standards. This coffee maker does just that: makes sure that you enjoy the best coffee without wasting any of it.

Suitable For A Group of People: You can easily make coffee for a group of people. If you have guests over, you can make coffee for everyone at the same time. Also, if you enjoy this coffee maker at work, you can have a big pot to take care of all the co-workers. It saves time and money simultaneously.

What Customers Think Of This Product

Since this product has so many advantages to it, there is no wonder that most customers have only positive words about it.

It comes with all the features needed to offer satisfaction and a great coffee each time it is used. Clients claim it is easy to use and set up, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

The only problem that some customers notified was the leaking of water. It seems to happen after some months of daily use, and it might not be a problem for all the devices.

Finishing Touch

This coffee maker that uses a filter system is so popular that you might fall in love with it as well. Homgeek is one of the best brands, and this model is not here to disappoint. It is an attractive device that will be easily incorporated into your daily routine. And what’s better than having your favorite coffee at your fingertips every time you need a fresh cup? So, get yours and enjoy your coffee just the way you want it!

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