Gaggia Brera Review 2017 – The Best Ever Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

The Gaggia Brera was ranked No.1 in our Top 10 bean to cup coffee machine list here. This in depth Gaggia Brera review will go over the factors that we based our decision in more detail.

The Gaggia Brera is a perfectly crafted compact and traditional coffee machine that iS fit for any kitchen. Aside from it’s good looks, this machine provides perfected cafe-style quality espressos, americano, cappuccinos and lattes with ease. This is why I personally own one of these machines!

I promise this will not be a bias review, however from one coffee lover (junkie) to another, this machine is really hard to beat.

If you find this machine isn’t for you, I highly recommend taking a look at the DeLonghi ECA44.660.B Eletta which is currently my favourite


It’s safe to say that price is an extremely important factor when deciding which coffee machine you want to buy.

Bean to cup coffee machines are easily at the premium end of kitchen appliances and it’s no doubt this is where the make or break is.

High end machines do it all, self cleaning, multiple temperature settings, grinding and intensity options. Several bean trays for variety, automatic milk frothing and possibly noise cancelling mechanics. For these features you can typically expect to part best of £1000-£1500.

It is a case of you get what you pay for.

In a Jeremy Clarkson narrative:

But this isn’t any ordinary Coffee Machine, this could possibly be the best coffee machine. In the world.

Alright, probably not the best – if we all had huge amounts of money we would all buy the ultra premium end of coffee machines.

To get the point, the Gaggia Brera is considered a low-mid-range coffee machine and to absorb the features it gives you at this price it’s huge value for money.


Self Cleaning (Descale)

One of the most important features of coffee machines are the self cleaning ones. Self cleaning is a necessity to prolonging the life of your coffee machine.

As you may have already guessed, descaling, is the removal of lime scale buildup with in your machine. Lime scale is the primary cause of any coffee machines death. So to have a built in function that cleans internally is hugely beneficial to you and your machine.

The Brera’s cleaning system is mostly standard across most machine brands. Fill the water tank with part descaling powder or liquid and water. Select the cleaning function, these usually last around an hour. Hot water will periodically pump through the steamer and coffee spout so it’s advised to place a bowl or cup under each. When complete, rinse the water tank and fill with fresh water. The Brera will then flush the system clean of any remaining descale solution.

Customise and Save

There’s nothing better than having a coffee machine remember your favourite drink time and time again. The Brera is one of those machines that has this feature. You can customise your coffee with the volume, intensity, grain size, brewing temperature and pre-soaking. This leads to an extremely personal coffee, just the way you like it! Once your settings are saved it’s just a press of a button and you can have it on demand.

Dual Coffee

Time is precious and one limitation to coffee machines is that they can only do one cup of coffee at a time. Not the Brera.

The Brera can do two coffees at once. Drinking coffee is a social activity so more than likely you’re going to be making more than one. This really helps on those situations.

Ceramic Grinder

Ceramic grinders are a huge benefit to have for any coffee machine. They help retain the aroma and flavour of your coffee beans during the grind. There is also much less of a chance of wear and tear when grinding. This keeps your ground beans ground to perfection every time.

Energy Efficiency

A problem with some coffee machines is after you use them, you either have to turn it off or keep it on. If you keep the coffee machine on after use it’s almost the equivalent of leaving a TV on.

After the machine has been turned off, if you want to use it again you need to wait for it to “boot” and then you can start making your coffee.

The Grera is energy efficient, this means you don’t spend money on electricity because you forgot to turn your coffee machine off. You don’t have to wait for a couple of minutes for your coffee machine to boot.

After you finish using the Brera it puts itself in standby mode. There is a tiny amount of power going through the machine which keeps everything running without the cost. More importantly, there is no “boot” – You can press your favourite coffee button and get it straight away.


This coffee machine wouldn’t be near our Top 10 list if it wasn’t good looking. The Gaggia Brera is combing modern with traditional with ease.

Its compact features are fastened away in a Stainless Steel exterior which looks pretty good in my kitchen, I have to say.


This is why the Brera is No.1 in the Top 10 list and why I own one. It’s an excellent machine which produces cafe-quality coffees at a press of one button.

The price of the Brera is also one of the more appealing factors because you’re not spending premium or even mid-range for a machine. It’s a low-mid-range machine that does almost everything it’s premium counter parts can do.

I hope you found this gaggia brera review useful and as always, if you have any questions please ask.

Gaggia Brera Review – FAQ

How do you use?

Once you’ve removed all the packaging the Brera is very simple to use.

First and foremost you fill the water tank to the maximum followed by the coffee bean hopper. Once all doors or shutters are closed you can plug the appliance in and turn it on.

Press the power button. Press the coffee icon. Job Done.



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