Everything you need to know about the Caffe Latte

The Caffé Latte or just Latte, is one of the most popular coffee based drinks to date. It’s subtle flavour and bold personality is a clear choice for some who prefer a creamier drink to the sharp and bitter straight blacks.

How do you make a Latte?

The Latte is an extremely simple two part drink. First in the cup is the espresso shot, the second is steamed milk and a slight layer of foamed milk. If it’s done the other way around it’s a Latte Machiato.

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Fun Facts

caffe latteIt’s a Breakfast in a Cup

Forgetting about certain holiday periods that laden the drink with spiced syrups – the latte is simply heated milk bar the espresso shot. For this reason its the go to drink for a liquid breakfast for most morning coffee fiends.

Considering a large Latte in some coffee outlets can be at much as 300 calories it does a good job at keeping the hunger at bay until your mid morning snack. If you throw in some of the other diabetic laden additions it can be more, though this is a different story.

A go to Winter Drink

With the dark evenings already upon us (It’s 31st October as I write this) and winter’s icy fingers within reach; This humble milky coffee is a sudden comfort for this time of year. Lattes shouldn’t be served piping hot so you can sip it’s warm milky goodness that keeps your belly warmer for longer. Nothing better than a warm glass of milk – Until you stick a shot of espresso in it.

The Canvas of the Coffee Worldlatte art

The Latte is the prime candidate for coffee art. Unlikely to be witnessed in any Costa Coffee or Caffe Nero and only probably attempted in a Starbucks, coffee art is a very real thing. The Latte is the drink of choice because you’re combining dark and light so it’s easy to contrast the two into shapes. Most commonly you’ll see hearts or flowers but adventurous barristers can produce some incredible designs.

Most “Syruped” Coffee

I sometimes give people a hard time with the amount of syrup they put in the latte, but it’s hard to deny it’s an incredibly versatile drink. From vanilla and pumpkin to spiced orange and ginger bread, I hate to admit sometimes these drinks work. Sometimes. I might have a gingerbread latte once a year and always around Christmas but never any other time. The Syrup is so incredibly sugary I will be crashing in dramatic style in two or three hours later, plus I like my waist line just the way it is.

Where it goes Wrong

This creamy wonder is one of the easiest milk based coffee drinks to make; Unfortunately it can still go wrong if your barista is rushed or just terrible.

Costa Coffee are a fan of giving you a Latte Macchiato most of the time, but you shouldn’t have expectations from the Burger King of coffee chains.

Also, most commonly you’ll find yourself with a Latte cross cappuccino. This is because sometimes the barista thinks it’s easier to dump the steamed and frothed milk from the cappuccino he’s just made into your cup. Again, usually happens in most Burger King type coffee chains.

What We’ve Learned

The Latte is a fool proof, versatile and popular milk based coffee. It can double up as your breakfast or just tie down any imminent hunger grumbles with the added bonus of an espresso shot. Go easy on the Syrups, not only will you put on the weight but that sugar crash at 10:30 am will not be pleasant.

Lastly, if you see a barista putting in the espresso shot on top of the milk, please don’t be that person who asks them to do it again. Even though you know they’ve done it wrong.

Let me know if you love, hate or had any weird experiences with this coffee in the comments below!

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