Delonghi ESAM 4000 Review – Most Popular Coffee Machine?

This Delonghi ESAM 4000 Review will go into why this coffee machine is one of the most highest rated by its users. By the end of this article you will understand why it’s one of the most popular coffee machines to date.

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Alternatively if a bean to cup coffee machine isn’t for you I highly recommend a coffee grinder as a cheaper alternative.

Delonghi ESAM 4000 Review

How much does it cost?

If you’re looking at coffee machines you either love coffee, want something stylish for your kitchen or both. We all need to remember coffee machines are an investment which usually take a year to pay itself off. With that said, it’s also simply amazing to have cafe-style coffee in your own home!

The ESAM 4000 is considered a mid priced coffee machine and will set you back a few hundred. There are however several options available on amazon where you can buy a refurbished machine for a fraction of the cost.


Simple Design & Customability

As far as coffee machines go, the ESAM 4000 is one of the most easy and satisfying to use. Not only do you have the choice of beans or ground coffee (which I’ll speak more about below) but to make the coffee is as simple as pressing one button.

The three silver buttons at the top of the machine do it all for you. One button for one cup of coffee and another button for two cups of coffee. Just press them and the machine does all the work.

To customise it even further there are two dials on the front. The left one adjusts the size of the drink, whether you want a small or large cup of coffee. The one on the right adjusts the strength of the coffee – Couldn’t be simpler really.

The adjustable coffee mill allows you to choose the size of the ground coffee once it’s been through the grinder. This is important because the size of the ground coffee is an indicator of how light or intense your coffee will be. This is located in the coffee bean compartment.

Use either Coffee beans or Ground Coffee

Surprisingly not all coffee machines have this option and it’s sometimes a wasted opportunity! The ESAM 4000 has this feature that can save a lot of time and or hassle if you happen to run out of beans or vice versa.

From a personal standpoint this feature should really be standard across every coffee machine. There are a number of blends of ground coffee that I would love to use with a coffee machine and sometimes I can’t!

Built in Steamer

Located on the right of the machine is the steamer. The steamer is an important part of a coffee machine as it recreated that cafe-style aura you get with coffee shops.

To activate the steamer simply press the third button on the right, the button will flash orange which means it’s heating the water. Once the light stops flashing it means there is enough pressure within the machine to release the steam.

Twist the dial on the right to the left which sends the steam out.

Room for two!

Being able to create two cups at the same time, again, should be standing across all coffee machines. Usually only reserved for the premium machines we are in luck once more as it’s also included with the ESAM 4000.

1.8 Litre Capacity

A small but important feature. 1.8 litres is a sizeable water tank which only adds to the convenience this coffee machine provides. This size tank is one of the larger ones you will find in a machine – Less hassle, more coffee!

Energy Efficiency

If there wasn’t enough features already, lets top this list off with energy efficiency.

You have options to put your machine in standby mode 15, 30 and 45 minutes after use. This is another simple but important feature as it can save you huge amounts of money a year.

A problem with coffee machines is after you use them, you either have to turn it off or keep it on. If you keep the coffee machine on after use it’s almost the equivalent of leaving a TV on.

If you turn it off, when you use the machine again you have to wait for the system to boot up meaning you’re waiting even longer for a coffee!

To have an energy efficient machine means you save money and you don’t have to wait an extra few minutes to have that much needed coffee.


I don’t usually write about the cons of a coffee machine but I do think this needs pointing out. When you spend a few hundred on something you expect premium build quality. Unfortunately for the ESAM 4000 its made from plastic.

Like I said in the price, amazon offer refurbished machines which will save you a significant amount of money. If I wanted this machine I would probably only buy a refurbished one.

Build material is obviously very individual but from a personal standpoint I don’t want something made from plastic. I feel it takes away the cafe style aura having a black plastic box giving you your coffee. It should be a sleek, metallic machine – Again just an opinion.

Read the Reviews

Take a look on amazon and read the reviews of this coffee machine. Firstly you will notice it has over 200 with 4.5 star rating. People love the machine and for excellent reasons.


I hope you’ve found this Delonghi ESAM 4000 Review helpful. As you can see, the machine has huge amounts of features and potential. Unfortunately it’s let down by the build quality.

The highlight of this machine is it’s simplicity. There is no digital display, which sometimes can over complicate the whole process, and two buttons that control everything.

I think this is what’s needed with a coffee machine, simplicity. Making coffee isn’t a complicated endeavour and is supposed to be a social relaxed experience. This Delonghi does not disappoint.

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