DeLonghi ECAM44.660.B Eletta Review – September 2018

his DeLonghi ECAM44.660.B Eletta Review covers all the exciting features that come with the machine and why it is ranked No.2 on our Top 10 coffee machine list.

Delonghi Eletta – One of the Best Mid-Priced Coffee Machines?

The ECAM44.660.B is a perfectly crafted, robust bean to cup coffee machine and sits comfortably with the mid-range price tag. Aside from it’s hyper-modern looks and slim compact size, the Eletta is loaded with features that make other coffee machines insignificant in comparison. The only downside is the cost but it’s certainly an investment worth considering.

DeLonghi ECAM44.660.B Eletta Review

DeLonghi ECAM44.660.B in Summary £420
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The DeLonghi ECAM44.660.B Eletta is still one of the best bean to cup coffee machines around and it’s no surprise I’ve rated it this highly.

From dual coffee making, a huge range of features to having one of the best milk automatic frothers on the market – it caters for everyone. Throw in an easy to use interface with memory features – making any type of coffee is remarkably simple. I struggle to find any downsides to this machine, but with most coffee machines it’s usually the price. The Eletta is a mid-priced machine and sports a reasonable price tag, click my link below to find the best prices.

It is also worth noting that this machine was one of the most popular on the recent Christmas sales and has still up to 30% off.

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Automatic frother

DeLonghi ECAM44.660.B Eletta Review

The automatic frothing is the main reason this machine is valued mid-range. Frothing is nothing more than putting steam through your milk to make it warm, bubbly and light. Just like you would see in cafes, the barista puts the steamer in the jug of milk and either heats for a latte or bubble for cappuccinos.

Most low or mid-range coffee machines have a steamer but can’t heat the milk for you. In this instance your job is to be the barista.

Unfortunately it’s an added task in what should be an automatic process. After all, we buy coffee machines to have a coffee at a press of a button. The beauty with the Eletta is, you can.

If you were to buy this machine, it does it all for you. Just select the drink you want, be it a latte or cappuccino and the Eletta makes it all for you saving you time and hassle.

Memory Function

The memory function is something highly regarded in coffee machines. If you may or may not have guessed if your coffee machine has “memory” it has the ability to save your favourite drink. Why do we need a memory function you might think? Coffee machines are in general extremely customisable and the Eletta is no exception. Aside from the type of drink you can make, there are various options available to you; each of which create different flavours. From the temperature system, strength, the size of the grind, and pre-soaking, there is more than enough customisation.

Once you’ve figured out your perfect coffee, save the settings and then it’s all down to one single button.

Personalise Your Coffee

As I mentioned above, there is huge scope with the Eletta to customise and fine tune your coffee specifically for you. To start with the temperature system, this heats the water to varying levels which give a different flavour to the coffee. There are three tiers the temperature system, a cooler one for a “light” coffee and a hot one for a deep and rich flavour.

From the temperature system we can move onto the strength options. When the coffee beans are ground with the built in grinder a specific measured amount is used. The strength options can let you choose if you want more ground coffee or less. If you want a stronger coffee you will choose more, if a weaker one you will choose less.

Pre-soaking is where hot water soaks the ground coffee before it infuses to your drink. It’s a simple but effective feature that allows the coffee to loosen and it’s aroma intensifies.

Automatic Cleaning

I won’t consider a coffee machine without this feature. Limescale is the kryptonite to our coffee machines and without some kind of internal self clean you may as well say good bye after a year. I’m sure we’ve all seen it before with kettles. Slowly but surely a white substance starts to build around the edges and the inside of your kettle – This happens to your coffee machine. What makes it worse is it’s incredibly hard to clean without some kind of internal cleaning function.

The cleaning function is simple and similar to systems in other coffee machines. Fill the water taken with some kind of descaler and select the system clean. Hot water with periodically pumped through the system over the course of an hour which easily removes any limescale build up.

When the machine has finished the cycle, make sure you flush the system with fresh water to remove any left over descaler. I’m sure you won’t enjoy drinking that!

Dual Coffee Making

Most coffee machines do not make more than one cup of coffee at a time. I suppose it’s a good thing that the eletta is not in the same category as most! Dual coffee making speeds of efficiency to your morning or lunch or even brunch. It’s likely most of the time you use a coffee machine it’s for more people than just yourself. To have a coffee machine that makes two cups at one saves a lot of time. You can also enjoy a coffee at the same time with someone else.

Does it Pass the “Foggy Eyed Test”?

The Foggy eyed test is something we all have experienced. It’s ultra early in the morning and you’re likely accompanied with a hangover but still dying for a coffee. An instant coffee won’t do and you’re focusing in on your coffee machine. If you can make a coffee whilst foggy eyed, hung-over, dehydrated and sleep deprived it passes the most important test.

Stretching the truth slightly it’s not really a test but an indication of it’s ease of use. Simply put, if you’re at your worst is the coffee machine simple enough to operate? Of course it is! It’s the De’Longhi Eletta after all.

Delonghi have given us a extremely simple user interface that only complements the functionality of the machine. A standard Americano will only take one button to seize the deal – It has to be as simple as this for those times in need!


With out a doubt this coffee machine has one of the most clean and hyper-modern designs on the market currently. It’s a leap away from ugly black boxes that claim to be coffee machines. Its design is crying out to be the centre piece of your kitchen and let be realistic, who can fault it?

Is it Expensive?

Like with all bean to cup coffee machines, the Eletta is still an investment. However, to consider you’re probably already buying coffee daily in cafes it is certainly a worth while one.

This machine is considered a mid-priced machine however provides most, if not all, the features that high-priced coffee machines give you. The main reasons this machine is ranked No.2 is it’s considerably inexpensive in comparison to other machines with similar features. Buying the Eletta can save you, literally, hundreds than buying a machine considered premium but with the same features.

For the majority of people price is still a crucial factor when buying coffee machines. If this machine was valued slightly less it would have taken the No.1 spot.


The DeLonghi ECAM44.660.B Eletta a clear winner among coffee lovers. Its automatic milk frother, memory function and internal cleaning are only some of the reasons why it’s rated so highly. Let’s not also forget about the quality of the coffee it produces. Not only does it look the part it also plays the part. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone who loves coffee, you really can’t go wrong. You only need to consider the price tag as it’s going to be out of reach for some but more than worth it.

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