Delonghi ECAM22.110.SB Review – Cheapest Family Coffee Machine?

Delonghi ECAM22.110.SB Review

In this Delonghi ECAM22.110.SB review we look at what makes the ECAM22.11.SB one of the best low-priced bean to cup machines to date. If you’re interested in how it ranked in our Top 10 list, click here.

Delonghi ECAM22.110.SB Review

Delonghi ECAM22.110.SB Review

When it comes to all round bean to cup coffee machines you can’t get much better than the ECAM22.11.SB. Not only is the price attractive but it’s features compete well against some of the more expensive machines.

Another great DeLonghi is the ECAM44.660.B Eletta with it’s own highly recommended review.

It has an extremely simple push-and-go set up from pressing the ‘on’ button to getting your first espresso. What’s even more satisfying about this machine is it’s comparatively much quicker than it’s competitors. The ECAM22.110.SB can make a single espresso shot in 30 seconds which is in some cases twice as fast as it’s counterparts.

Aside from espresso and double espresso, it can also do a standard long coffee and two coffees at once. The ECAM22.110.SB is on of the most satisfying and easy machines you can use and will find a home in almost any kitchen.


Bean to cup coffee machines are always some kind of investment. We buy them as coffee lovers first and for vanity purposes dead last. The beauty of this machine firstly comes at it’s cost.

As one of the most cheapest machines available the ECAM22.11.SB certainly does not disappoint. We will get into the features in more details but what it great value for money and could even compete with some mid-priced machines.

If you are buying a coffee at least once a day, and replace it with this machine, you will make your money back in around 6 months. It’s a very good investment. However if you still can’t justify the high price, take a look at a some of the best coffee grinders instead.


Silent Integrated Grinder

The most stand out feature for me is the silent grinder. While obviously not completely silent it’s significantly quieter than it’s counterparts.

Silent grinders are usually reserved for premium machines and you’ll have to spend, in some cases, 6 times more than this one to get this feature.

In most cases with bean to cup machines the only downside is the noise involved with grinding. To have a machine with this feature is more than welcome for any coffee enthusiast. It also means you won’t wake up the whole house when you’re dying for your first coffee in the morning!

Double Cups

A feature suited for larger families, this machine can make two coffees at once. Considering it can already make espresso in less than 30 seconds you wouldn’t think this machine could be any more efficient.

To have a coffee machine make two cups at once is a real time saver especially when minutes are precious in the mornings or evenings. You can be sure no one is left hanging for that much needed cuppa.

Use Beans or Pre-Ground Coffee

I think coffee machines that only use beans are really limiting their customers. Fortunately this is not the case for this one.

The ECAM22.110.SB can do both which is most welcoming knowing you can have your favourite ground coffee as well as your favourite bean. This can also save you a lot of hassle if you run out of beans or run out of ground coffee, you can always use the other. If you happen to run out of both I would not consider you an organised caffeine junkie!

Automatic Internal Cleaning

Another very handy feature which should come standard across all coffee machines.

The ECAM22.110.SB comes with a descaling cycle which aids in the removal of lime scale within your coffee machine. This build up of limescale is attributed to almost every fault and stoppage with in coffee machines.

The cleaning cycle is similar to others. After you put a descaler in the water tank you activate the descaling cycle. The cycle then pumps hot water through the system at different rates and lengths. With the descaler present in the water, it eliminates any build up of limescale.

Be sure you flush your system before you make a coffee – I would imagine descaler in your espresso to be a little unpleasant!

Pre-Rinse Cycle

The pre-rinse is a feature that cleans but also makes sure your coffee is as fresh as it can be. After you turn the machine on it shoots a small amount of hot water through the system. This removes any left over coffee or milk that might be lurking in the machine. I can tell you from experience, from absolute budget machines, yesterdays old coffee is not nice in today’s. This is a simple but most welcome feature.

Built in Frother

The one piece of equipment that recreates the whole cafe-style coffee experience is the milk frother, or steamer. This coffee machine has one built in which is considerably easy to use, you only have to turn a dial. It doesn’t take long for the water to heat and a steady stream of steam bubbling your milk for that well deserved cappuccino.


When it boils down to the basics this is an excellent coffee machine. But with a cheap machine it has to have some downfalls. After reviewing several bean to cup machines one thing that this machine is missing is some kind of stand by mode. A standby mode is extremely useful to avoid the long delay when you turn the coffee machine on.

Unfortunately when you make your first coffee, you’re going to have to wait over a minute for the machine to boot up. This may not sound like a long time but compared to others when you might only need to wait 10 seconds maximum.

The other downside to not having a stand by mode is the machine is not energy efficient. If you leave the machine on it will consume as much energy as a TV so common sense says to make sure it’s off.


Hopefully this Delonghi ECAM22.110.SB Review has helped with your decision. Overall the ECAM22.110.SB is an excellent all round coffee machine that can rival some of its more expensive counterparts. It’s only let down is it’s not as energy efficient as it should be.

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