De’Longhi Caffe’ Corso ESAM2800.SB Review

De’Longhi Caffe’ Corso ESAM2800.SB review

Getting tasty coffee quickly and efficiently has become a priority in many people’s lives. If you think the same, it’s time to consider quality and reliable coffee machine.

Though the market is packed with different models, De’Longhi stands out as one brand that’s especially popular. Their machines are everywhere, but one you’ll see most often is probably the ESAM2800.SB.

It’s a bean-to-cup machine packed with features and benefits that will change your view on at-home coffee brewing.

Why buy the De’Longhi Caffe’ Corso ESAM2800.SB?

De’Longhi is a known name in the industry that brings reliability and longevity. They made their first machine years ago and since then just continued to evolve and improve. Today, the brand offers superior quality in their ESAM2800.SB bean-to-cup coffee maker.

The unit is a great choice if you’re on a budget but still want excellent flavor and ease of use. The ESAM2800.SB is ideal for beginners who have never used this type of appliance before. It’s on an affordable side while offering plenty of essential features of more high-end models.

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Overall design

At first glance, nothing seems to stand out when it comes to design. The machine looks pretty basic and practical. It features chrome-on-black elements that make it look pricey and sleek. Its dimensions are 28.5x36x37.5cm, and it should fit on most kitchen counters. Another interesting design perk is the steam wand that can be tucked in when you’re not using it. Overall, it’s neither the biggest nor the smallest unit we came across.

Flavorful coffee

Many people opt for this machine for the many coffee options it provides. Though it’s not the fastest one on the market, it definitely produces among the best tasting results. The best thing is that you can make flavorful espresso from fresh beans. This means rich taste, golden crema and a strong aroma. Using ground coffee is also an option with the results being equally as impressive.

Apart from fantastic espresso, you can also make a latte, lungo, long black, Americano, and cappuccino. There’s no option to make milky drinks automatically, but you can use the manual milk frothing arm. It takes some practice to get the hang of it, but it’s nothing too hard.

Easy cleaning

Unlike regular units, bean-to-cup models require a bit more cleaning. Precisely, you’d have to maintain the brewing unit, descale the appliance, and make sure everything is working regularly. It might seem like a lot but think about the fresh coffee you’d be getting.

The ESAM2800.SB has de-calcification and rinsing cycles. It’s also essential you descale it regularly since the machine doesn’t come with a water filter. There’s a De’Loghni descaler kit available, but you’d have to get that separately.

Its brewing unit is entirely removable allowing you to reach areas that aren’t usually so reachable. The grind pot is in the drip tray which makes general cleaning simple. Another handy feature is the automatic rinse cycle that goes on each time you turn the machine on or off.

All cleaning requirements are in the manual, so it’s not a problem to follow them. Usually, the process takes about 15 minutes.

Great for beginners

Though the unit might look a bit complicated, it’s not at all. It has a self-priming system that makes it always ready for use. It has an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off the machine when the set time has passed. Not only this makes the application much easier, but it’s also allowing lower energy consumption.

Its instant reheat feature heats the machine from within making sure that its temperature is always ideal for espressos.

Other Features

The two dial at the control panel, one of which is the length and another is the strength of your coffee. Once you select that, choose whether you want a single or a double cup.

It features a water chamber you can remove and fill from the tap. It makes for easy cleaning, too. The tank has a capacity of 1.8l which is enough for a few cups. Of course, don’t let water sit in there since that can affect the taste quite a lot.

It has a 15-bar pressure pump that pushes water through the beans with ease creating delicious beverages. It’s the kind of pump you can find in many De’Longhi machines.

The adjustable nozzle height is as crucial as everything else. This allows you to use any cups you like both small and large.

For all who love milky cappuccinos, you’ll love the milk frother. It makes thick foam that’s suitable for drawing on which is always fun. However, it’s best only for short drinks such as espresso.

The professional grade burr grinder is integrated. It features seven adjustable coarseness settings you can choose from depending on your preferences. The thermoblock keeps everything at the right temperature making sure your coffee is always nice and hot.

A manor complaint we came across was that the machine is a little loud. Though, beam-to-cup models are usually louder than others, the ESAM2800.SB is quite noisy when it’s grinding. It’s not a deal breaker that’s for sure, but just something to think about if you’ll make coffee at night.


Its most significant advantage is that it’s simple and straightforward. If you’ve never had a coffee machine before, you’ll love the simplicity of the entire process. With just a few simple buttons, you’ll have a flavorful and aromatic cup whenever you want.

The convenience and versatility are mostly why this is most often the coffee maker of choice. It’s practical, simple to clean and makes different styles of coffee with ease and in no time.

Final Thoughts

Every good day starts with excellent coffee as it’s what wakes us up and gets us going. The Corso ESAM2800.SB is a great choice for beginners. It’s affordable, simple and will make you love coffee even more than you used to.

It’s an ideal appliance to bring change to your day-to-day routine by merely allowing you to have your favorite cup of coffee at any time.

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