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Creating the Pain Cave

The pain cave is a term coined by cyclists to describe a stationary bike set up which is made to test the cyclists limits. I’m almost finished with my set up and ready to guide me into 2018 a leaner and fitter machine!

My Pain Cave for 2018

I love this term, the pain cave, because that is what I intend it to be. Pure and complete suffering in my garage, me the bike and trying to win Zwift or any other cycling related app.

When I think about me in a few weeks time I’m already getting the feeling of a systematic burning in my quads and lungs. It makes me smile with excitement and fear equally.

What I’m also enjoying the thought of is “Zwifting” again. A little of a year ago I started to have a go on Zwift just to make some home cardio a little more interesting. I remember laughing and crying a little at the same time, each time I played it.

I can say played because it was genuinely huge amounts of fun and I rarely felt like I was just exercising.

My pain cave is not flash, nor is it fancy, it’s literally very basic and should suit it’s purpose, for now.

What am I using?

The Bike

I’m using my Dad’s old bike that has probably never seen a road for over 10 years. As long as the wheels turn around I suppose it does matter! I would love to be sitting on something a little more aesthetically pleasing but it’s not something I should be worrying about just now.

The Trainer & Gear

The turbo trainer is, again, a few years old but still serves justice. I’ll be using my Dads (I’m sure he knows I’m grateful) Kurt Kinetic Road Machine which is a fluid trainer.

A couple of Garmin cadence and speed sensors in the right place. An Ant+ dongle in the laptop, I’m just waiting on one more thing. My heart rate monitor.

This is completely down to my total OCD nature but I find it difficult to start once I know everything is in place. One of the main reasons is I want to monitor my heart rate from the very beginning because I know I’m pretty damn unfit right now. Hopefully over the next few months I can monitor my fitness with some trendy graphs.

Cycling Apps

As I mentioned I’ll be using Zwift for the most part and Trainer Road when I’m feeling slightly analytical.

Get Grinding

That’s pretty much it. Bring on 2018.


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