Blog #1 – First Zwift in a While

I’d be lying if I said I’ve kept on top of training. I’m currently sitting in front of the laptop with slight nerves in my belly. The Warriors Racing League race is waiting for me and I already know it’s going to be a hard one. Hard not only because I’m going to eat a (home made) curry just minutes prior to starting but because my fitness is at a all time low. When I mean all time low, I’m talking about a brisk walk getting me out of breath.

Curry down the hatch and I have 5 minutes to spare for a quick warm up. Even before sitting in the saddle my heart rate is already 103. Really hoping this is just nerves and not a current picture of my overall health! For the first time in months I’m back on the bike and ready to suffer. My mind is willing, I’m gritting my teeth and I feel motivated to win! At least win out of the D group.

To sum it up, the initial enthusiasm lasted all but 5 minutes – the race was full of it’s ups and downs. My legs don’t nearly have any cycling ability left in them, I really need to get some regular practice in. My cardio isn’t as bad as I thought. Even though I was averaging 170 bpm at 140 watts, I honestly thought I had some kind of heart condition the weeks prior and was just very happy my aorta didn’t split in half. I know my legs will come back to me and my cardio will bet better.

I finished 98/116 but whats important is I finished and I finished in 1 hour 25 minutes. I just had to finish, I couldn’t do 50 minutes and just call it quits, it didn’t seem right. What made things even more exciting was that I forgot how draining Zwift can be on the laptop. Half way through I get a well deserved low battery warning! Great! Que me jumping of the bike and rushing upstairs to untangle the charger from my desk.

After about 1 hour my legs felt numb, I could still peddle but the pain was gone. All the more embarrassing but I got to be honest, I really suck at this minute!

On the plus side this is the most amount of time I’ve spend on a bike and my arse is raw. Red raw! Almost like I was sitting on a really fine cheese grater. Thankfully I got some cycling shorts incoming. This will make the next ride a little more comfortable!

Days Consumption/Activity

I want to make this a regular thing in each blog, mostly for me to keep an honest account of what goes into my body. But I also hope it will be interesting for some!

  • 6:15am – Wake
  • 6:30am – Black Coffee
  • 7:10am – Filter Coffee
  • 12:00pm – 1 Tin of Chick Peas, 1 bag of couscous, 1 large avocado
  • 6:45pm – Home Made Curry. (Rough Guess) 80g Rice, 200g chicken, with veg etc thrown in
  • 6:55pm –┬áThe Warriors Racing League – 98/116
  • 9:30pm – 1 Scoop Caseine, 200ml SS Milk, 40g peanut butter (old habits start to kick in)

If I plan to be an indoor cycling powerhouse – this will need to improve dramatically and preparing my food is now a must. Fortunately tonight I was prepared and made two open burritos with extra lean turkey mince for breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Now all I have to do is turn my head off and sleep. Easier said than done when your heart rate is touching 105!


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