Andrew James Milk Frother Product Review

Andrew james milk frother review

The Andrew James Frother arrived on the market in 2017. Picking up over 200 4 or 5 star reviews on amazon you can be sure this is a quality frother. There’s a lot of positive gossip around this one and I was interested to see whether I would have a 5-star experience or not. Let’s dive in!

Product Overview

andrew james milk frother productStraight out of the box, you can see straight away that it’s a well-made piece of kit. It’s sleek, modern, jet black and looks amazing. It comes with a power base, mixing jug, 2 types of whisks and a user manual. A standout feature is the steel used (has a nice weight to it), the simplicity of the options available and a decent capacity.

I have mentioned previously that jet black electricals don’t suit the design of my kitchen. So I think I’m going to need a new kitchen because I love this frother! Other standout features include the double-walled internal structure. This helps with heat retention and keeping noise to a minimum.

It ticks all the boxes of what you come to expect from a milk frother. So lets go into some more detail.

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Pros and Cons


The minimum level it suggests for frothing milk is perhaps a little generous. This is the first time I have experienced this, but it frothed the milk so much that it was almost bursting at the rim. I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t at hand to lift the jug from the power base, it would have been clean up on aisle 3… It’s pretty strange for this to be a persistent issue across many user experiences and would perhaps represent an oversight in product development, but there’s a really easy fix.

All you have to do is just fill the jug with milk under the minimum level! I realise that it sounds like a compromise, something that you shouldn’t have to do. But the question is whether it’s worth doing this for the outcome of the frothed milk it produces. To which I would say – absolutely!


Each electric milk frother produces varying qualities of frothed milk. Sometimes they are light and airy. Some tend to be quite dense, thick and creamy. Well, that’s exactly where this machine sits on the scale. The froth will sit like a cloud on top of your beverage, but you will quickly see it sink down into the brewed coffee. It’s a wonderful taste combination that’s certainly worth turning the blind eye towards the minimum level reading, in my opinion.

The heating function, and the maximum fill line that is displayed is perfectly fine. The milk is heated quickly (under 2 minutes) and at a great temperature, though it does occasionally leave a thick milky residue at the base of the jug. This just means grabbing a tissue to clean it out before rinsing the jug. On the lighter note, my Wife didn’t report experiencing this problem when using her Almond and other non-dairy products, so it’s mostly just something that is experienced with full-fat milk (across most electrical milk frothers, it should be said).

Best Features

The best feature is certainly the options available and the quality that it produces. It’s as simple as 2 buttons, one for cold frothing, one for heating. Just insert the whisk you want and you’re good to go.

It is also very quiet. It gets on with its business with a hushed pace. If like me, you like to make a tasty coffee to help kick-start your day before work, but you have to be mindful of making too much noise – you’re covered here. And while it is not a feature, the design really is quite lovely! It feels like a high-quality product, whether that’s the handle or how satisfying it is to pick up and place down onto the power base.

Any other Business

There are a couple of other points worth mentioning. The internal wall of the jug comes with a non-stick coating. This makes rinsing it out very easy and if you haven’t been heating milk, making the clean-up process a matter of seconds (I’ll never object to a quick clean-up anyway!). In fact, there were a few occasions where I didn’t clean it up immediately and it still just rinsed off with ease!

The double-walled insulation also gives it some pretty good heat retention capabilities, in the event that you’re not immediately preparing your beverages after brewing. Finally, I couldn’t find any mention of the provider’s customer service level. Given the number of complaints about the over-frothing, you would expect to find something, but there was nothing. So this remains to be seen, but I imagine that you would be in good hands, as Amazon tend to have strict policies when it comes to helping out the customer with their complaints.


The Andrew James Electrical Milk frother is a great product, if not without a few flaws. You have to underfill the jug to prevent it from overflowing, but the result is a delicious, thick foam that is worth the wait. It’s quiet, looks great, has you covered with hot and cold options. If you’re on the fence – I say you should go for it and try it out!

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