Aicook Drip Filter Coffee Machine Review

aicook drip coffee machine review

The Aicook Filter Coffee Machine is a fantastically convenient way to make your coffee. With a great range of features it really stands above other filter machines on the market. In this article I’ll cover the good and bad aspects and whether it’s the right machine for you.


Whilst the design is nothing special and typically standard amongst most filter machines; The features more than make up for it. The interface offers the thirsty user complete control over all settings ranging from temperature to timing. The machine also owns a 24-hour programmable timer that lets the user wake up to hot steaming brew.

The Aicook Drip Filter Coffee Machine has a wide range of features in addition to its unique design. However, this is not to mean that it is difficult to operate. The features compliment the coffee maker such that it becomes even easier to use it. The following can be summarised as some of the features of the coffee maker:

  • The coffee maker has a removable filter that makes it easy for the user to clean it when dirty. The filter is easy to attach and detach, unlike other coffee machines where the filter is permanent.
  • It has an LCD. The display is useful for checking the status of the coffee as it is being brewed and is also important for checking on the time and timer.
  • It includes a programmable The timer on the coffee maker helps the user to determine what time he or she would need the coffee served. The advantageous side of this is that you don’t need to use an alarm in the morning since the coffee maker can wake you up with the smell of sweat smooth coffee. Isn’t this just perfect for any morning?
  • It comes with auto off feature. This feature comes in handy when the coffee maker doesn’t have your full attention. At times you may be involved in other activities and forget that you had the machine on. The auto off feature automatically turns the machine off after the coffee has been brewed to perfection.

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This coffee maker sure has a wide range of advantages and thus can be termed to be one of the best. The following are some of the pros that we found about it:

  • The detachable filter as stated above makes it easy for the user to clean the device after usage so that germs do not accumulate. Both the cleaner and machine can be cleaned conveniently due to this provision.
  • The programmable timer is very handy for the users. You need to go to the coffee maker and key in your stipulated time and wait for the machine to deliver coffee unto you at exactly the time you need it.
  • It includes the auto-off The auto-off feature on the machine ensures that even when the user is far away, the coffee maker goes off after it has completed brewing.
  • The materials that finish this coffee maker are of considerable quality. Such materials include stainless steel among others which complete the quality of the coffee maker.
  • The design of the coffee maker alone can make you purchase it. This is because it has been made in a unique design that not only blends well with the environment but is also attractive to the eyes.


Any product has both its advantages and disadvantages. This one too is not an exception, and these are some of the cons we found out:

  • The warm plate is power consuming. The warming plate that the coffee maker comes with is useful for warming the coffee but can be quite a consumer of electricity. It is, however, optional to use it.
  • It is quite noisy when compared to other coffee makers.

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Having being made with quality parts, the coffee maker is long lasting. The stainless steel material among other materials contributes to the coffee maker’s durability.

Works Perfectly As an Alarm:

Despite being a good coffee maker, the machine can also wake you up in the morning. By setting the timer to the exact time you would want to wake up, the machine can deliver sweet aromatic coffee at exactly that time.

Has An Anti-Drip Technology:

This coffee maker ensures that no spillage is present around it which is good for the kitchen environment. This means that you wouldn’t have a messy kitchen to clean up after usage.

Easy to clean:

As mentioned, the coffee maker doesn’t give the user a hard time cleaning it. All you need to do is to remove the detachable filter and clean it while cleaning the machine too.

Customer Comments

Here we can take a look at some of the views of customers who have used the machine. According to most of them, it makes good coffee and is quite handy. Check out some of the views:

The coffee maker looks great and makes good coffee. Also, it is easy to clean both inside and outside. It is a nice good looking machine and makes good coffee. It keeps coffee hot in addition to preparing quality coffee. With its great price, it makes good coffee which makes it worth everything.

As you see, the approach is generally positive. Most who have used the machine are not disappointed, and chances are you wouldn’t be an exception.

Bottom Line

We can comfortably conclude that this coffee maker is pocket-friendly and worth your money. It makes good aromatic coffee just as per the preference of many users which is a positive thing. The other good thing about the machine is that it has a timer which can work as an alarm for the user by waking you up with cleverly brewed coffee in the morning.

In addition to this, you also get the advantage of easily cleaning it due to its removable filter. The anti-drip technology also makes sure that the usage area is not messed with any spillage. Isn’t this just enough reason for you to purchase the coffee maker?

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